My Care Philosophy

Your care is our priority. Priority Psychiatry is based on a personalized relationship with you and offering full-service care.

Relationship First

First and foremost, I believe that a healthy, caring relationship with a doctor who knows you - as a person - is the most important aspect of healthcare. As such, I make it a priority to develop a relationship with you for your treatment.

To achieve these aims, I have chosen to operate a concierge practice. This means I work for you - not for insurance. I put quality of care -not volume of patients– first. I have personally designed this practice so you can recieve high quality, individual attention.

Full-Service Treatment

The second part of my commitment to you is to discuss and offer state-of-the-art treatment. This includes both medication and non-medication treatments. I have extensive experience and expertise treating all age groups and have found that my patients appreciate the consistency and simplicity of the care. This approach has scientific support as well. I work hard to stay abreast of the latest research, medical information, and therapies to help you to be your best, and have have been recognized for this zeal by both the community and the American Board of Psychiatry.

We have a longer, more detailed intake process which involves both detailed, pen-and-paper psychological testing, as well as a 60 minute initial interview. This process, although intensive, bears fruit down the road as we will have a fuller understanding of your personality, your unique history, and your relationships. Ultimately, it helps me get to know you and individualize your treatment.

Three Advantages with My Approach

What sets my concierge practice apart from an insurance-driven model.

Fewer Patients

I have fewer patients than an insurance-driven practice, which means I have more time for you. I am much more accessible between visits for your phone calls and emails.

Individualized Treatment

Your treatment plan is tailored and chosen by us, not a third party. In addition, we will have the ability to flexibly utilize a variety of different tools.

Out-of-Network Benefits

While I do not accept insurance payments, insurance companies out-of-network benefits that allow you to be reimbursed directly. Please contact us directly to discuss rates.